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One suspect down in high speed chase

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"We wanted to do a cruise and we wanted to do it somewhere where there was no police or deer," explained a motorcyclist who had been clocked doing over 90 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.
At approximately 11:30 pm, Thursday, Jan 10, while patrolling Highway 16 south of Bandera, Bandera County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Gerald "Jerry" Johnson rolled up behind two bikers doing well over the posted speed limit. When the bikers realized they were about to be busted, in the words of BCSO Chief Deputy Matt King, they "gunned it and took off."
One cyclist turned onto Polly Peak Road while his companion continued toward Bandera with Johnson in hot pursuit. The chase continued across Main Street, all the way to 1st Street before doubling back to head up Pecan Street. The motorcyclist apparently turned onto 13th Street where he lost control of his vehicle in front of the office of Louis Dubose, DDS.
"At that point, he abandoned the cycle and took off running," King said. As of Monday, Jan. 14, the unidentified suspect remained on the lam. BCSO authorities impounded the damaged vehicle and issued a warrant for his arrest.
Meanwhile, the suspect, who had pealed off onto Polly Peak Road was apprehended and transported to the Bandera County Jail where he was questioned. He was identified as Ryan Ahnberg, 28. His cycle was also impounded. Ahnberg bonded out in short order, according to the arrest report issued by BCSO.
The motorcyclists reportedly reside in the area of Prue and Bandera roads in San Antonio.
"Both bikers were definitely driving in a hazardous manner, but luckily no one else was hurt," King added.
When apprised of the situation, one wag ventured, "I guess people who live in San Antonio shouldn't believe everything they see about Bandera on the television news. We have plenty of law enforcement here - and lots of deer, too."