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Law West and East of Priviledge Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Wednesday, Jan. 2:
A Bandera Bad Boy remains confined to the county calaboose after being arrested for a felony that may shorten his probation considerably - or not, what ever the case may be.
A court ordered the arrest of a Kerr-vert on a misdemeanor warrant and so he was and so he remains - a guest of the X Bar Inn, that is.
A Fool from Fredericksburg spent a trio of nights under lock and key after being pinched for six warrants that indicated he had flaunted the suggestions of six previous courts. Whatta moron!!!!!
Thursday, Jan. 3:
A San Antone Scofflaw ran out of luck - and freedom for a few hours - after being popped for a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
Friday, Jan. 4:
A loutish "lady" from Lakehills might benefit from a couple of anger management classes if it prevents her from being busted on another charge of assault with bodily injury.
An Imprudent denizen of the Creek District found herself afoul of The Law after failing to identify herself properly to a state trooper.
Meanwhile, another Pipe Creep hit a trifecta of woes, including possessing inhalant paraphernalia and being dogged by two misdemeanor warrants for a traffic violating and failing to show up for court. So, what else is new?
Sunday, Jan. 6:
Yet another Bloviator from Bandera failed to heed the kind ministrations of a previous court and found himself in trouble for it - in the form of a capius pro fine warrant.
Monday, Jan. 7:
I'm sorry, but I just think it might be easier to take care of a traffic warrant shortly after its issue as opposed to letting it linger in one's background this ensuring one will be arrested the next time one is stopped by the PO-LICE for something or anything, for that matter. Lady, that's why they take your driver's license and saunter back to their patrol vehicle.
Picked up for three felony Charged with three felonies, a local yoke languishes in the hoosegow due to two warrants from an outside agency and another "USMS-detainer," whatever THAT is.
Tuesday, Jan. 8:
Just 20 and a lovely young lass was picked up for a very first DWI. Mummy and papa must be so very proud.
Just 21 and a young lad with sterling prospects no doubt found his background blighted after being charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.