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Ignoranus* dumps on city

Photo by Carolyn B. Edwards

Some ignoranus decided to leave his garbage on the streets of Bandera last week. A large, unsightly pile of dirty old furniture was dumped in front of the Boys & Girls Club of Bandera on 8th Street, another in the back yard of St. Joseph's Hall on 6th. According to Bandera City Marshal's office, such trash dumping can be prosecuted. It is also against the law for someone outside the city to dump their trash in the city in hopes of it being picked up. The City has scheduled a large trash pick-up for the week of April 22-26. As always, to keep our city looking nice, residents are asked not to put their bulk items curbside until the week before. If anyone knows anything about the dirty furniture dumping, please call the City Marshal's Office at 830-796-3456.

* A person who is both ignorant and an a**hole.