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Law West and East of Priviledge Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, March 26:
A court ordered the arrest of a Pipe Creep and he was and so he remains - as of this writing, at least.
A Bandera Bonehead, who failed to register as a sex offender and for attempting to run from a bench warrant, also remains confined to the county can for his felony transgressions.
Wednesday, March 27:
A decidedly churlish denizen of the Lake District found himself in the custody of John Law for assault by contact, assault by threat and, for good measure, criminal mischief.
Thursday, March 28:
Although a court ordered a Scofflaw from San Antonio to stand and face the music on a felony charge, he spent but a few scant hours in the county quod before being sprung.
A Bandera Bad Girl - certainly old enough to know better - nevertheless made a false report to a law enforcement officer and found herself under arrest for her "lapse."
Friday, March 29:
Meanwhile a Booby from Boerne crossed county lines only to find himself popped for felony assault with a deadly weapon.
Can it be? Did it really happen? A 22-year-old young lady from Bandera was picked up for possessing a controlled substance? Oh, say it ain't so, Joe!
A Blanco Blockhead must have assumed he could get away with having a pocketful of controlled substance - over four grams, but less than 200, to be exact - as well as weed in Bandera, but he couldn't and, for his trouble, was collared and faces both felony and misdemeanor charges.
Sunday, March 31:
A Souse from San Antonio celebrated Easter by becoming publically intoxicated - and paying the price.