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'Thinking into Results' seminar set


The Bandera Business Association will host a special business seminar, "Thinking into Results," by MTS Consulting at 6 pm, Thursday April 11, at the Bandera Electric Cooperative Conference Room. This high-powered workshop, which normally costs up to $500 per person, will be offered without charge to all City of Bandera and Bandera County business owners and employees.

Presented by Joshua and Kristy Young, "Thinking into Results" is designed to change perceptions on how to achieve success by offering business owners alternative ways to operate and think. Participants will learn innovative techniques to bring success into all areas of their lives, such as setting worthy goals, bridging the gap between what they know and what they do, understanding how the mind works and the power of thoughts.

The one thing that all great men have agreed upon is that "you become what you think about." To this end, the Youngs offer a unique perspective to their clients by motivating them with a positive attitude, a sense of humor and a love of life. Their teaching method is tailored for corporations, small businesses and individuals, enabling the husband and wife team to accomplish their goals effectively and easily with immediate improved results.

MTS Consulting, located at 236 Highway 16 South, is a new consulting firm in Bandera. "Our business takes us all over the state," said Joshua Young, "but Kristy and I live in Bandera so we decided to open an office here and extend our services to the community we love."

The Youngs' seminars include corporate training, small business training and individual development, as well. MTS Consulting is a division of Bob Proctor Life Success Program and the Youngs are trained, certified facilitators of this program.

Local business owners and employees are urged to mark their calendars for the "Thinking into Results" workshop, beginning at 6 pm, Thursday, April 11, at the BCE Conference Room. Snacks will be served.
Additionally, a member of the Bandera Business Association and the Bandera County Chamber of Commerce, MTS Consulting will hold a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 6 pm, Friday, April 12, 2013 at 236 Highway 16 South, in Bandera.

For more information call 830-460-0636, visit www.masterthoughtsystem.com or e-mail the Youngs at Joshua@masterthoughtsystem.com.

Pictured: Joshua and Kristy Young of Bandera's MTS Consulting will present a free business seminar, "Thinking into Results," at 6 pm, Thursday, April 11, at the BEC Conference Room. All local business owners and their employees are urged to attend.