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Old Timer gets a 'new timer'

By Mikie Baker BCC Contributor

Eventually, everything changes - even in Medina.
As of Monday, Nov. 12, The Old Timer convenience store and filling station has a new owner. Now, don't get all riled up. Deborah "Debbie" Martin, a true Texas woman, has bought the place from longtime owner Ed McAlister. Downright friendly, she'll fit right in.
Martin, who moved to Bandera around two years ago, has lived in Texas most of her life. Although she also owns a home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, most of her family calls Texas home. Martin's daughter attends the University of Wyoming.
When asked why she decided to buy The Old Timer, Martin said, "I grew up in a small town in a rural community. The first time I walked into The Old Timer, it felt like home. I figured I'd be a good fit in Medina."
McAlister put the store up for sale a couple of months ago. He has had several interested buyers but he just felt "comfortable" after meeting Martin.
McAlister has owned The Old Timer since 1999 when he moved to Medina from Georgetown. He's enjoyed running the store, but at 70, he's finally ready to retire.
"I plan on spending lots of time with my wife, Jan, and my family. I'm glad I won't have to work weekends anymore," McAlister said. However, he'll stay on for the next month to familiarize Martin with the business.
For the record, she isn't planning to make any major changes, but is looking forward to meeting all the regulars in town - as well as catching up on the local gossip at The Old Timer's infamous table.
The Old Timer is located at 14178 Highway 16 North. Telephone is 830-589-2226.