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Secret revealed in Langlinais' 'Silenced by the Dawn'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Local author Merry Baker Langlinais participated in a book signing at the Frontier Times Museum the evening of Thursday, Oct. 11. She introduced her latest book, "Silenced Only by the Dawn: A Gallant Woman and Her Carpenter," a true story about her ancestors, Wiley John Prickett Jr. and Addie Doughty Gates Prickett.
A sixth generation Texan and resident of Medina, Langliniais is also a member of the Bandera County Historical Commission.
"Silenced Only by the Dawn" recounts her family's Southern heritage and their participation in the Civil War. It also details the couple's life in Hondo Canyon and their experiences in 1904 driving 400 head of angora goats 1,000 miles from Texas to northern New Mexico.
In her book, Langlinais reveals a secret about the Pricketts that had been kept suppressed for 100 years. Apparently after the trek to New Mexico, Wiley and Addie Prickett returned to "God's Country" with their dreams shattered. According to Silenced Only by the Dawn, "courage and faith" carried Addie forward, but Wiley was not so lucky. However, Sddie never revealed the "demon of her husband's demise."
"Though difficult even now, the 100-year-old secret is revealed in hopes it will give strength to those dealing with similar challenges today," Langlinais said.
"Silenced Only by the Dawn" is available for purchase at the Frontier Times Museum, 510 13th Street. Telephone is 830-796-3864.