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Jim Hannah for Bandera City Council


This is to announce my candidacy for a position on the City Council of Bandera. So many recent changes in City Hall have raised questions about what's going on. People I've known here for years say they want more than just a "western big-hat" façade - a truly open city government that is not a weekly controversial item in the newspapers. Residents, property owners and business owners deserve accurate information, good service and assurance they will have a voice in how things are run.
The city's budget and financial process has become a mess. Questions about internal management controls have drawn enough doubts that a reconstituted city council should clear up the confusion. It seems there needs to be a organizational chart making it clear to elected officials and city staff what their duties are and the scope of their authority.
As a resident and property owner for many years who has volunteered my time to the city, I've learned how challenging planning can be. It involves opinions between many of us wanting to both preserve this Hill Country town's quiet and historic atmosphere with the one industry the town continues to hold onto beyond it's standard businesses and retail services, a healthy entertainment and tourist economy.
Attracting visitors who substantially add to the city's economic well-being and sales tax income helps a great deal to keep our property taxes lower.
If elected for one of the city council openings, I believe the job will be about continuing to listen to folks and bring their objectives and reasoning to the council table. I will also be another advocate for the principles shown by council members Brandi Morgan and John Hegemier. Your votes can add enough of us to the City Council to make a three-member council majority - out of five - balancing things back to commonsense in Bandera.