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Bandera ISD Education Foundation honors donors

BC Courier

The Bandera ISD Education Foundation held its Lead Donor Reception in the newly expanded Bandera High School Cafeteria on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Foundation directors welcomed administrators, donors and grant recipients to the reception.
President Hooter McMullan recognized lead donors and recounted how the grants awarded by the Foundation to teachers throughout the district made long term ripples felt throughout the community. Superintendent Regina Howell spoke about the effects of the grants on the school community and on the instruction delivered to students. Grant recipients Nathan Mathews from Bandera High School, Brittany Timmons from Hill Country Elementary and Jennifer Burns from Hill Country Elementary relayed how the Education Foundation grants that they received positively impacted their classroom instruction.
The Bandera ISD Education Foundation funds competitive grants to BISD teachers to support innovative instruction in the classrooms directly benefitting students.