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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, Oct. 2:
Although picked up for a felony third DWI, a Lakehills Lush was bailed out of the quod with alacrity.

Two misdemeanor traffic warrants put the skids on a Sojourner from Sabano.
A resident of River City was arrested in the beautiful Hill Country for a misdemeanor traffic warrant.

A court (times 2) ordered that a 21-year-old Citizen of Center Point be incarcerated and so he - or she - was.

Wednesday, Oct. 3:
A Bandera Bandit found himself in hot water after he apparently was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle - a felony, to be sure.

Yet another fine, upstanding citizen of the Cowboy Capital remains confined to the county can on five charges that include felony assault of a public servant and misdemeanor counts of harassment, resisting arrest and being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant and another that suggested he might have failed to live up to the expectations of a previous court.

A Pip from Pipe Creek was incarcerated - albeit briefly - on a misdemeanor warrant that may eventually revoke his probation.

A Sinner from Shepard purportedly possessed a PG 1 controlled substance - and suffered the inevitable consequences if but for a short time.

A Bandera Blockhead was arrested on a so-called Blue Warrant that may eventually revoke his parole. Meanwhile, he remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn.

Thursday, Oct. 4:
A trifecta of misdemeanor charges, including being pie-eyed in public, failing to identify herself and possession of injection paraphernalia, ensured that a Helotes Honey remain under lock and key.

Meanwhile, a Pissant from Pasadena, who was also thought to be three sheets to the wind in public, was arrested for that and for possessing paraphernalia, to boot.

Some people just never learn. Now comes a 60-year-old Bandera Babe who remains in the gaol after being nicked for a trio of capius pro fine misdemeanor warrants. Moral of the story, if a judge - or three - suggests you do something, do it!

A court ordered the incarceration of a Birdbrain from Bandera on a felony charge and so he was - and so he remains.

A Slug from San Antonio burgled a house and got caught and remains in Bandera's Big House as a result of his felony transgression.

Saturday, Oct. 6:
A Bandera Bad Boy fled, but apparently not fast enough 'cause he found himself in custody, charged with a misdemeanor.

A Bad Tempered Blockhead from Bandera, who assaulted someone by contact, was probably dumbfounded to find himself detained as a result.

Another Sattidy nite and another local yokel got picked up for being pissed in public.

Sunday, Oct. 7:
Two Cowboy Capital Clots remain guests of the Gray Bar Inn after finding themselves cuffed for carrying controlled substances.

Monday, Oct. 8:
A moneychanger, journeying from a city to the southeast, attempted to steal something worth between $1,500 and $20,000 and instead found himself carted off to the clink for felony theft.

A Pipe Creepette was sent to the slammer - where she remains - for possessing a dangerous drug and for being dogged by a failure-to-appear misdemeanor warrant, as well.

An 18-year-old Miscreant from Medina also remains under lock and key for two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary of a building.