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Montgomery seeks re-election to council


I, Nancy Montgomery, am announcing that I will seek re-election to Bandera City Council.

A firm belief that I have been and will continue to be effective in helping support the city in all future growth is one reason I again ask for your vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 General Election.

Since moving to Bandera nine years ago, I have served three years on the Bandera Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, on the City of Bandera Board of Adjustments prior to resigning to serve on the City Council and two terms with the Polish Sister City-County Partnership - all of which I consider a honor.

During my past two-year term on City Council, I believe that the city has brought forth some very needed additions and changes that have long been overdue. For example, increased security and integrity brought about by a change to a new city marshal system has resulted in improved safety of our citizens and businesses.
With the foresight of the new City Administrator Mike Cardenas - and with cooperative effort of the city council - I can predict a positive future for Bandera and will continue to assist in its growth. Under the direction of the city administrator, street projects, drainage issues, water problems and citizens' concerns are being handled effectively. In addition, major projects are being accomplished in a timely manner, rather than being placed on the backburner as in past years.

When it comes to fostering economic development in Bandera, I believe city council should make the promotion of tourism within the municipality one of its highest priorities. Also, our Master Plan for Bandera needs to be put in action now for the betterment of the town's future.

During my years of public service, I have listened and learned from all of the citizens' questions and comments and will continue to do so if re-elected.

Of course, the most important things residents can do now is to remember to vote!

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve our city for two more years.