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Schumacher throws cowgal hat in ring


It has been my honor to serve as one of your city council members for three years and to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem since June 2012. As I make this announcement to run for the Mayor's position, I want to first thank the city employees and the council members who helped me when I stepped in for Horst Pallaske, who resigned due to health concerns.

Some of my accomplishments while serving on council include freezing property tax rates for residents ages 65 years or older and achieving a balanced budget for 2012-13 without raising the tax rate while still dedicating significant funds to infrastructure needs. Last year, the City of Bandera changed to a marshal system saving the city over $100,000 and resulting in more community-minded officers who enforce our city ordinances. We have also started work on 12th Street to address residents' concerns about issues drainage and parking.

We have offered enhanced benefits to employees and, for the first time, we gave cost of living increases in addition to merit raises for deserving city workers.

In Mike Cardenas, Bandera now has an outstanding and dedicated city administrator. We share the same vision and goals for the city. I will continue supporting him and our other employees, ensuring they have the means to achieve their departmental goals without raising taxes.

With City Secretary Linda Boshek, and the additions of Marshal Charlie Hicks, Interim Treasurer Mae Vion Meyer and Municipal Judge Dawn Wright, the city now has a great team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals.

The goals of the City Master Plan have finally been incorporated into the budget process - perhaps the first time in Bandera's history. Our budget planning focused on setting priorities then making sure funding was dedicated to these areas.

All departments and council members participated in the workshops, resulting in a more thorough and open budget process. The 2012-13 budget will positively impact the revitalization of Main Street, neighborhoods and infrastructure needs.

This has been a bitter campaign where personal, vicious and sometimes silly attacks have taken precedence over issues. For the record, my cowboy hat and boots will stay. I proudly promote Bandera as the Cowboy Capital of the World. This brand accounts most of our tourist traffic and much of our sales tax.

My goal for the city's future is simple - to give Bandera the bright future its residents and businesses deserve. With your help, we will have a Better Bandera: a city that protects its historic roots and western heritage; a city that values and protects its citizens; and a city with a revitalized Main Street. These factors will contribute to a healthier economy.

Bandera is at a crossroads where we can choose to struggle to survive or thrive.

I invite you to work with me and help Bandera thrive. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote.