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Carolyn B. Edwards announces for Bandera City Council


Have I lost my mind, deciding to run for a seat on the Bandera City Council where politics has long been "a full contact sport?" I will take my chances. My life is at a point where I have the time to devote to serving this little town that is my home.

I have lived in Bandera for a little over eight years now, and in the county since 1967.

I have taught in the Bandera ISD, operated a heavy construction business with my late husband, Jerome, and worked in the newspaper business in ad lay-out, editor and staff writer.

Many make fun of Bandera, implying that settling for less than the best is what we do. However, I know so many hard-working good people who want, indeed demand, the very best of this community.

No town is better than Bandera when it comes to helping someone in need. No town is better than Bandera when it comes to having a good time. No town is better than Bandera when it comes to being good and decent.

I always expect the very best from Bandera and its people. I sense that the city stands on the edge of a time when good things will be accomplished and progress will be made.

If the residents of Bandera elect me to their council, I will do my best to work with the council, mayor, city administrator and city staff to achieve a better city. I will not participate in illegal meetings that take place over a cup of coffee at a local café. I will always try to be as honest and open as I can with the citizens.

I like the city's Master Plan, and will work to achieve some of its goals. Too many times in the past, the city has paid someone to do a "study" or develop a "plan," only to have it sit on a shelf with no follow-through. What a waste of taxpayer's money!

Our city park is looking better now than it has in a long time, and I will be happy to work to continue making it a place for our residents and visitors to enjoy.

I would also like to work toward encouraging both the city and its residents to consider green options, like wind and solar power, rainwater catchment, and trash recycling.

As my grandson says, "It wouldn't kill you to vote for my Momaw!"