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Doyle receives MADD's highest honor

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Sgt. Ryan Doyle of the Leander Police Department was honored recently by Travis County MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Doyle received the highest award the group gives to law enforcement officers, the Diamond Hero Leadership Award.

The award goes to an officer who demonstrates a superior commitment to DWI enforcement, and who encourages and teaches others to reach those same high goals.

"This award usually goes to police chiefs, assistant chiefs and command officers," said Leander PD's Chief Greg Minton. "So this was an exceptional honor for a patrol sergeant to receive."

Minton added, "We hold our sergeants to a high standard of service, and Ryan takes that challenge seriously."

Doyle, who graduated from Medina High School and obtained his law enforcement degree from Angelo State University, has been on the Leander force since 2007.

In 2011, Doyle was singled out by MADD to receive the Commitment Hero Award. Following that accomplishment, he pursued the Drug Recognition Expert Training on his own dime, said Minton. "It's a very demanding course, and Ryan paid his way to take the class," said Minton. "It's also a big personal time requirement, to complete the course."

Once Doyle earned his "expert" ranking, he then trained other officers on the Leander force, created packets of paperwork required to document and prosecute a DWI case, and taught officers how to prepare for and conduct themselves during a courtroom appearance.

"Because of all of this work, we were pleased to be able to nominate Ryan to MADD for this award," said Minton.

Also as a result of Doyle's work, two other Leander PD officers received recognition from MADD as well.

Doyle is the son of Jackie and Kent Doyle of Medina.

Pictured: Courtesy Photo
Sgt. Ryan Doyle was recently honored by Travis County MADD with their highest award given to a law enforcement officer, the Diamond Hero Leadership Award. Doyle's training of other Leander PD officers resulted in two fellow officers also receiving recognition.