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A story from The Bandera New Era
March 19, 1925
Newspaper copy courtesy Roy Chancy

This volume of the New Era was volume 45 of the paper's ninth year. Front page advertising included ads from the First National Bank "owned by the people - and its greatest desire is to serve the people," Chas. Schreiner Bank, Kerrville, "liberal advances made on cattle, sheep, goats, wool and mohair," the First State Bank of Bandera, "There is never any question where the money goes when you pay all of your bills by check. You have returned to you each month the canceled checks - they are your receipts," and Bandera County Ranchmen and Farmers Association, "owned and operated by over 250 stockmen and farmers... oat sacks, wool sacks, binder twine, wool twine and salt sold on closest possible margin."

I have booked for tomorrow night's showing that entertaining picture, "Women Men Love," featuring William Desmond. I have not received confirmation of this booking, but if it is not sent to me another good picture will be shown, so you will not be disappointed. A laughable comedy, "Felix Hyps the Hippo," has also been booked in connection with this picture, which is calculated to please the kiddoes. I appreciate the good order which has prevailed in the opera house during the picture show, and the kindness of the boys who have refrained from smoking cigarettes during the show. Everybody come out Friday night and enjoy a good show.
Warren Hunter

Uncle Jeff Gordon, an aged gentleman, who makes his home with Mr. And Mrs. FJ Duff near Tarpley, went out late Sunday afternoon to look for a turkey's nest, lost his bearings and became lost. Night came on and the family became alarmed and instituted search, finding him about 3 o'clock Monday morning in the Coughran pasture, some distance from the Duff place. He had wandered over considerable territory, according to his tracks which were followed by the searchers, and when found was sitting against a tree with a small fire near. He had stumbled over boulders and had bruised his knees and hands somewhat, but was otherwise uninjured, and has fully recovered from his discomfiture.

• Rev. and Mrs. JW Storms were up from Utopia, the pastor filling his regular appointment here Sunday and Sunday night. He will only preach here on second Sundays...he will preach at Leakey the fourth Sunday and at Utopia two Sundays of the month.
• Miss Juanita Roath, teacher of Nalyon school of Mill Creek, in company with her pupils went to Taylor School Friday afternoon and engaged in a spelling match, which ended in favor of Nalyon school and the Friday before, Miss Vivian Bennett, teacher of Little Creek, came over in company with her pupils and spelled against Nalyon school and Nalyon school came out the winner.