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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, Sept. 11:
A Simpleton from San Antonio attempted - and failed - to boost something worth between $500 and $1,500.

A Halfwit from Houston, however, remains a guest of Bandera's X Bar Inn on account of two felony bench warrants and the ancillary fact that he was motoring along merrily without liability insurance.

It must have slipped the mind of a Lawbreaker from Lakehills that it's STILL illegal to possess pot - unless you're living in California or The Netherlands, that is.

Wednesday, Sept. 12:
So, not only was this 21-year-old Pipe Creep picked up for being pie-eyed in public, but he has also been charged with supplying a minor with a refreshing adult beverage.

Now comes an 18-year-old Kerr-Vert who was charged with driving under the influence.

A Bandera Blockhead failed to make arrangements to obtain proper licensure before sliding behind a wheel, according to a local law enforcement officer.

A Pipe Creek Clown - say that quickly 10 times! - has also been detained for supplying an underage drinker with booze.

Friday, Sept. 14:
An antagonistic Scofflaw from San Antonio was arrested for assault with bodily injury and perhaps for interfering with a 9-1-1 call.

A court ordered the incarceration of a Pipe Creep Clot on a misdemeanor charge and so he was and so he remains.

Although nabbed for a quartet of crimes, including felony possession of a controlled substance and felony possession of same in a correctional facility, as well as for possession of a so-called dangerous drug and pot, to boot, this Birdbrain from Bandera spent but 48 hours or so in the quod for his myriad transgressions.

Saturday, Sept. 15:
A weedwacker from "Alpinea" - huh? Must be Alpine - found himself in the gaol for but a few hours for possessing pot and the pipe you smoke it in.

A CPF - that's capius pro fine for all you not-so-legal beagles - warrant got the best of a cat's paw from Pipe Creek, but just for a couple of hours.

A 30-year-old Birdbrain from Bandera apparently just can't grow up, throw away her inhalant paraphernalia and make something of herself. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

A local yokel was pinched for criminal trespass.

Sunday, Sept. 16:
A minor from River City decided to celebrate the Sabbath by consuming something he ought not to have and then being arrested for it.

A denizen of the Lake District purportedly possessed pot in an ostensible drug-free zone. Really, dude, weed in a 'drug-free' zone?

A Vixen from Vicksburg - Mississippi, we presume - got nabbed after she reportedly made felonious and fraudulent use of identification information. She remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn for her trouble.

And last, but certainly, not least, a Pip from Pipe Creek failed to adhere to the instructions of a previous court. Will wonders never cease?