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BMHoF elections = many happy returns

By Mary Allyce Special to the Courier

In a national and local election season filled with rancor, ill humor and name calling, the voting membership of the Bandera Music Hall of Fame (BMHoF) rose above the rest and called out names for its class of 2012 with affection and loyalty.

Few venues can stand with Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar Saloon and its nearly 45 years on Main Street and the voters agreed, naming it the Legendary Venue.

Aside from Arkey Blue himself, arguably only Doug Livingston is more closely associated with the Silver Dollar. Livingston's 30 plus years as bass player and vocalist with the Blue Cowboys earned him the 2012 Living Legend honor. And, no one is more closely associated with the man than his life and singing partner, wife Carol Livingston, and the voters kept it in the family and voted her the 2012 Vocalist.

Another couple won the votes and hearts of the membership through song and service. Art Crawford and Lisa Beck, best known as simply "Art & Lisa," were named the 2012 Duo-Group winners. With her name and music fresh in their minds, the voters put Lisa Beck on top again in the Songwriter category.

Continuing to keep things close to home, befitting the intent of the Hall of Fame, the membership called on former Duo-Group inductee and local favorite, the versatile and accomplished Laurie Gibson, naming her the 2012 Musician winner.

All of the 2012 winners will be awarded and honored in a BMHoF musical tribute at the annual award ceremony, on the informal stage behind the Bandera County Public Library, the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 21.

Leading up to the event, individual profiles of each of the honorees will follow.