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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Sunday, August 19:
A "sweet young thang" from the Cowboy Capital apparently forgot to heed the ministrations of a previous court and was briefly jailed for her transgressions.

Another Bandera Bad Girl celebrated the Sabbath by attempting to boost something worth between $50 and $500.

A misdemeanor warrant that may eventually sever his probation was served on a Lakehills Laddie, who is still in the quod on account of it.

A Pipe Creep assaulted someone with bodily injury.

Monday, August 20:
A Slug from San Antone was sent to the slammer - where he remains - because of a trio of misdemeanor warrants: one that may revoke his probation and two because he failed to take into consideration the suggestions of previous courts.

Wednesday, August 22:
Another Scofflaw from San Antonio remains a guest of the Grey Bar Inn after being picked up for felony possession of a PG1 controlled substance and the inhalant paraphernalia with which to enjoy it.

It would seem that a Ninny from New Braunfels has failed to heed my previous warnings. Here's the deal, Bub. If you're being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant, it would behoove you not to also drive with reckless abandon.

A Bandera Babe made a booboo upon being caught trying to pass a bad check, bad check!

Friday, August 24:
A Bandera Boozer was caught inebriated behind a wheel for a possible first time.

Two Geeks from Granbury and Godley were purportedly pissed in public.

This time, a 22-year-old Boozer from Boerne has been charged with her first DWI.

A Simpleton from College Station celebrated the impending first day of fall classes by imbibing something that, as a minor, he ought not to have been.

A Blockhead from Bandera remains under lock and key after committing a trifecta of misdemeanors, including being dogged by two warrants from an outside agency and for enjoying a refreshing adult beverage whilst being too young to do so.

His cellmate might just be this Halfwit from Hondo who also remains confined to the county can on felony charges, which include a motion to revoke his probation and a warrant from thatpesky outside agency.

A Kowboy Kapital Kook found himself in hot water because of an invalid motor vehicle inspection sticker and a failure-to-appear warrant to boot.

Saturday, August 25:
After being nabbed for public intoxication, a suspect emptied his pockets, and lo!, out came an inhalant-type paraphernalia designed to help a head enjoy something illegal.

A Headcase from Hondo was found to be DWIing for a first time.

A Lassie from the Lake District has apparently been tailed by a felony warrant from an outside agency.

A Person from Pearsall is still partaking of the largess of county taxpayers after being charged with many misdemeanors, including two counts of failing to appear, possession of pot and the pipe you smoke it with and, for good measure, driving without a license.

A Fort Bend Brigand was not only carrying a piece unlawfully, but he was also driving while intoxicated for a first time while carrying it.

Sunday, August 26:
A Hoodlum from Helotes also found himself booked for being inebriated behind a wheel for a first time.

Ditto a boozer from Boerne, who also coincidentally was charged with unlawful carrying, as well. What is this? An epidemic?

Monday, August 27:
And, last but certainly not least, the good times of a Slob from San Antonio were apparently stopped - at least by this writing - by two felony "other" warrants.