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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, August 14:
Two weed-wackers from Pipe Creek were busted for carrying their stash - and apparently not being cool about it.

An 18-year-old Bad-Tempered Bandera found himself in the clink charged with assault with bodily injury.

This local yokel was simply so busy he couldn't find the time to apply for a driver's license yet he needed a vehicle to get around so he solved the problem by driving without a license - until he got caught, that is.

A Souse from San Antonio was also stopped for driving without a license, but unfortunately for him, he was also intoxicated for a first time while doing it.

An A-Hole from Austin remains confined to the county can for misdemeanor criminal trespass and for failing to identify as well.

Wednesday, August 15:
In a catch-and-release, a San Antone Slug was found to have not only possessed pot, but also a dangerous drug, to boot. Meanwhile his friend was booked for having just the MJ.

Probably the third cog in the trio of master criminals, a Lakehills Lawbreaker also came under the scrutiny of John Law for having weed and the inhalant paraphernalia with which to enjoy it. In my opinion, these guys were just lookin' for a high old time.

Friday, August 17:
Two warrants from an outside agency put the skids on the good times of a couple of Babes from Bandera, one of whom still remains a guest of the X Bar Inn.

An apparent master forger from Bandera decided to give a law enforcement officer a false ID, which, if he had thought this plan through, wasn't such a good idea after all. These things are easily checked, you know.

A court ordered that a Funky Freak from F'burg be arrested and so his was and so he remains.

A Bandera Boozer was arrested on a second DWI - don't look now, fella, but one more strike and "yer out!"

Saturday, August 18:
Let me just say this again - even in Bandera you need a valid driver's license to operate a motor vehicle.
This guy didn't have one and look what happened to him. He was locked up the Bandera County's Big House for a couple of hours - and became the subject of newspaper ridicule.

So, not only did this minor Kerr-Vert consume something verboten, but he also proceeded to up and drive under the influence. Hey, 19 year old, straighten up!!!

After a well-brought-up half-wit from the Hill Country decided to settle a dispute with fisticuffs she found herself nicked for two counts of assault with bodily injury.

Two capius pro fined warrants on the books indicated that this pair of lackadaisical ladies had apparently failed to heed the ministrations of a previous courts. The one from Lakehills spent the night in the can for her transgression while the Babe from Bandera remains incarcerated.

So a drunk had to drive all the way to the Free State of Bantucky before getting pulled over for a second DWI - for which he, too, remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn.

While publically intoxicated, a Lawbreaker from Lakehills purportedly possessed pot, to boot.

A guest from South of the Border was apparently picked up for being pie-eyed in public. He also failed to provide an adequate ID so now he's being held for being here illegally.
That where Demon Rum will lead you.

Didn't this moron know that it's illegal to file a false report to a law enforcement officer? Apparently not. Here's my advice to you, pal: "Live and learn."