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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, August 7:
A Lawbreaker from La Coste found himself in a self-induced law enforcement dilemma after being nabbed for evading arrest and for being dogged by a felony warrant from an outside agency.

Similarly, a Lakehills laddie found himself afoul of the law due to two pesky misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrants.

A court ordered that a Bandera Bad Boy be arrested and so he was - and so he remains.

Wednesday, August 8:
A Miscreant from Medina apparently failed to realize that weed-wacking was illegal in Bandera County, and that a license was mandated for motoring merrily along, as well.

At the ripe old age of 49, a Bandera Boozer was finally picked up on his first DWI.

Oh, the gall of it all, not only was a Kerr-vert charged with reckless driving, but he apparently did so without the beneficence of state licensure.

A well-brought-up Bandera Broad celebrated Hump Day by boozing it up in public.

Thursday, August 9:
A hard drinkin' denizen of the Hill Country ought not to have imbibed before sliding behind a wheel. Had he been just a tad more precipitous, he might not have been busted for boozing behind a wheel.

Uh, oh, a Lady from the Creek District faces a possible probation revocation due to the appearance of a felony warrant that may do same.

Well, this from the Cowboy Capital Master Criminal thought he could get away with fabricatin' a vehicular registration, but due to the sharp eyes of a Texas Highway Patrolman, he couldn't.

Another Thursday night led to another local yokel being pinched for being pie-eyed in public.

Meanwhile, his amigo - I'm assuming - faces charges that include a first DWI and fleeing - for which he remains in the tender custody of the County Can.

Friday, August 10:
A Souse from San Antone now faces a felony third DWI in the Free State of Bantucky.

Saturday, August 11:
Two tipplers - one from River City and the other from Missouri Bend - were charged with being three sheets to the wind in public.

A 19-year-old Bandera Blockhead found himself in the clutches of John Law after he made something available to a minor that he ought not to have.

Sunday, August 12:
Now comes the Sabbath which a pair of locals celebrated by getting picked up for a felony third DWI and by committing assault with bodily injury. Then, they rested - in the county calaboose.