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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, July 30:
This denizen of the Lake District started his week off right by being nabbed for criminal trespass.

A River City Riff-Raff apparently brought less than four grams of a felony controlled substance to Bandera - or perhaps he bought it here. The report wasn't that clear.

Tuesday, July 31:
Not only is this Utopia resident being housed for Real County, but he's apparently being charge with DWI, as well.

Wednesday, August 1:
A Bad Girl from Bandera was busted for felony tampering or fabricating evidence.

A Booby from Bandera was ordered incarcerated and so he was - for a short time, at least.

Thursday, August 2:
Although charged with felony evading arrest with a vehicle and drunk driving to boot, a Bandera Boozer bonded out of the Cross Bar Inn in record time.

At least this Bandera Bad Boy spent overnight in the quod before being freed for two counts of not paying heed to a previous court's ministration which led to the issuance of a pair of misdemeanor capius pro fine warrants.

Friday, August 3:
A 29 year old with bi-county citizenship in Lakehills and Comfort apparently didn't have a valid driver's license anywhere 'cause he was picked up for driving without one.

Saturday, August 4:
So, this 46-year-old San Antonio Sweetie motored merrily through the Hill County only to be pinched for pot possession and driving while intoxicated for an ostensible first time.

Meanwhile, a deadbeat Banderan counted himself fortunate to have only been slapped with a weed-wacking charge.

Due to a misdemeanor warrant issued by an outside agency, a Miscreant from Medina was jailed - albeit temporarily.

Oh, no, yet another Bandera Boozer failed to take in consideration that "roadies" are no longer tolerated in the Lone Star State and so was arrested for having an open container and for violating some kind of court order, as well.

A warrant from an outside agency proved the bane of a Down and Out from Devine.

A foul-tempered local yokel, who apparently opted to use fisticuffs to settle a dispute, now finds himself facing misdemeanor an assault with bodily injury charge.

Sunday, August 5:
A Luckless Lakehills Lawbreaker remains confined to the county van for felony burglary of a habitation and, for good measure, misdemeanor possession of inhalant paraphernalia.

Monday, August 6:
A week begins anew in the Cowboy Capital of the World with a bad driver being tailed by a misdemeanor traffic warrant.