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Celebrate Bandera features Cowboy Capital Mounted Shooters


Celebrate Bandera Labor Day - again listed as one of the Top 101 Western Event in the Nation by American Cowboy magazine - is fast getting a reputation of an action-packed event.

In addition to the re-enacted the gunfights, bull riding competition and longhorn cattle drive, Celebrate Bandera proudly hosts the Bandera Cowboy Capital Mounted Shooters Competition.

Cowboy mounted shooting is one of the nation's fastest growing equestrian sports.

The event is presented by the Bandera Cowboy Capital Mounted Shooters and will be held at the Pahaska Tee Pee Ranch, 8777 FM 2828, beginning Thursday, August 30. The first competition, the Eliminator-Rifle, kicks off at 7 pm.

Tickets are only $5.00 and are available at the gate. A showcase will follow the rifle competition.

Friday's competition begins at the arena at 6:30 pm and will feature a four-stage pistol match.

In this sport, mounted contestants compete in this fast-action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers. Courses of fire are set in a variety of patterns. The first half - five targets - of a course of fire will vary with each go and requires the horse and rider to stop, turn, change leads and accelerate rapidly. The second half, which is called the "run down," is a straight course with five targets set at 36-foot intervals.

Typically, a competitor crosses the timing beam at a full gallop and engages the first pattern of five targets. After firing the fifth shot, the shooter returns the empty revolver to a holster and proceeds to and turns around a barrel and then races to the far end of the arena while drawing a second revolver.

At the far end of the arena, the horse and rider turn another barrel and then engage the five remaining targets of the run down at full speed. Scoring is based on elapsed time plus a five second penalty for each target missed or barrel knocked over.

This sport is fast and furious fun.

The competition is open to contestants from across the United States and over 75 of the best riders in the nation normally participate.

For more information about the Bandera Cowboy Capital Mounted Shooters, call President Dee Dee Trichter at 713-248-7840.

For information about Celebrate Bandera, visit


Pictured: Courtesy photo
The Cowboy Capital Mounted Shooters deliver fast and furious arena action during this year's Celebrate Bandera weekend.