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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, July 16:
A Kerr-vert was apparently in possession of something that, as a minor, he ought not to have been so he was charged with that and possessing inhalant paraphernalia and for failing to appear, to boot.

Tuesday, July 17:
An incompatible couple from Lakehills, who purportedly decided to settle an argument with fisticuffs, was hauled off to the hoosegow for assault by contact, respectively and respectfully.

A couple of Slugs from San Antonio were busted for carrying less than two ounces of weed.

A crapulous chick from Center Point found herself facing the judicial music due to a first DWI.

Wednesday, July 18:
A Bandera Boyo appeared to be blotto in public so he was booked into the Do Drop Inn where he remained for a while.

Yet another Kreepy Kerr-vert continues to avail himself of the largesse of the county taxpayers after being be booked into the Big House for a felony third DWI, in addition to a pair of so-called Blue Warrants that have to do with paroles or previous incarcerations or something to that effect. Whatever they are, they don't sound good.

Friday, July 20:
A court order that a dull-witted local yokel be picked up and law enforcement officers willingly obliged.

Saturday, July 21:
Look, this is the last time - well, not really! - I'm gonna warn you dopers. It's still illegal to have MJ - even less than two ounces - not only in Bandera, but also all over Texas and probably across the US, except in California and other Blue States where you can purchase it legally with a bogus doctor's script. So, stop carrying it in Bandera or you'll be picked up like this 35-year-old guy was. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

An 18-year-old Medina miscreant found himself running afoul of the law for felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and for driving without even having a license, to boot.

If you decide to be pissed in public, better have your papers in order or you'll be spending more time in the tank that you bargained for as this numskull from San Antone discovered.

Sunday, July 22:
So this Blockhead from Bandera has apparently been dogged by not one but five instances of failing to heed the gentle suggestions of previous courts. A product of the catch and release system, he was out of jail in just a couple of hours. Which means what?

Monday, July 23:
Not only was a Crackbrain from Cotulla arrested for being pie-eyed in public, but this master criminal decided to resist arrest - and failed - thereby assuring spending more time in the slammer.

An ill-tempered denizen of the Creek District assaulted someone by contact.

Tuesday, July 24:
A 19-year-old Mendacious Malefactor from Medina remains confined to the county can after being charged with a quartet of felony warrants that may someday serve to revoke his probation.
Ditto a rascal from Pipe Creek who was nabbed for three counts of shoplifting - or stealing or something - merchandise worth between $500 and $1,500 and, for good measure, for being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant that may also revoke his probation.

A Bandera Boozer was stopped for his first DWI.

A doper from Pipe Creek apparently went one toke over the line.

Thursday, July 26:
This Lakehills wretch found himself snatched by the Law Arm of the Law for multiple transgressions, including possession of pot and a felony controlled substance in addition to the paraphernalia with which to enjoy the illicit products, and for being trailed by a pesky failure-to-appear warrant.

A Souse from Somewhere ought not to have been driving while intoxicated - not even for a first time.

Friday, July 27:
And, a Kerr-vert ought not to have been driving without a license - period. I know the lines at DMV are line, but come on, folks!

Saturday, July 28:
So, this couple from Nuevo Laredo were just tooling along "minding their own business" (that's sarcasm) when a lawman arrested the driver for - you guessed it - being woozy behind the wheel and his passenger for being plastered in public.

Sunday, July 29:
On another Sunday in the Hill Country a Pretty Young Thang from Poteet found herself charged with driving while intoxicated for a first time; and a Bad-Tempered Banderan remains in the Grey Bar Inn for assault with bodily injury, along with a sottish San Antonian who was apparently publically intoxicated.

Thus endth two weeks of the chronicling Bandera's Bad Boys and Gals.