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City ISO vols for Planning & Zoning commission

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

City of Bandera administrators are looking for concerned citizens to serve on the planning & zoning commission.

During the Tuesday, July 12, meeting, it was noted that terms of appointment have expired for Chairman Jim Hannah, Sherry McCullough, Rilla Stephens and Punkie Camp. Both McCullough and Stephens have indicated they no longer wish to serve on the commission.

The commission is comprised of seven members. Of those members, five must be current residents of the city and current registered voters. One of the remaining members must be a current registered voter of the county and a current resident of the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city. The other remaining member must be a current registered voter of the county and a current owner of a business located within the city's corporate limits.

As described in the city's code of ordinances, the planning and zoning commission has the power and duty to make and recommend for adoption a master plan for the future development and redevelopment of the city and its environs. Preparation of a comprehensive plan and ordinance for zoning the city in accordance with VTCA, Local Government Code, section 211.003 et seq. also remains within the purview of the commission.

At this time, however, these duties are moot because a much-anticipated long-range master plan has been adopted by city council.

Additionally, the planning and zoning commission reviews and makes recommendations to city council regarding existing and proposed ordinances that affect and-or control construction, renovation, remodeling and repairs of buildings within the city. The commission also performs other duties as prescribed by ordinance or state law.

Normally, regular meetings of the planning and zoning commission are held at 6 pm, the fourth Tuesday of each month. Members present at the July meeting included Hannah, McCullough, Johnny Boyle and James "Dusty" Pendleton.

Those interested in serving on the City of Bandera Planning and Zoning Commission are asked to call the municipal office at 830-796-3765 or 830-460-7170.