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TxDOT, 'Let the sealcoat projects begin'


A project under the direction of the Texas Department of Transportation beginning this month will cause temporary rolling lane closures in some rural areas. The project will add a layer of petroleum-based sealcoat to protect roadways in rural portions of TxDOT's San Antonio District.

Work in Bandera, Kendall, Kerr and Uvalde counties will continue through most of July. Affected travelways include a mix of farm to market roads, interstate highway access roads and US and state highways. Work on any given segment of road will vary from a half day to two full days.

Sealcoat is a petroleum-based liquid applied to asphalt to protect it from damage caused by the harsh south Texas sun. Asphalt is a mixture of sand, rock, tar and bitumen. It starts out as a thick, dark liquid and is designed to be flexible and move with the ground while remaining solid enough for traffic. The rock and sand provide the strength while the tar and bitumen provide flexibility.

Sitting in the Texas sun, asphalt begins to dry out and harden, leaving it vulnerable to cracking and deterioration. Sealcoat adds the needed moisture to prevent the damage and maintain the roadway.

While crews are trained to target the roadway with the spray, motorists in the area should use caution and give added space to workers to avoid the potential of having vehicles sprayed by sealcoat or loose gravel.

TxDOT sealcoat projects

The sequence of work in the northern counties of TxDOT San Antonio District includes:
• State Highway 16, Bandera County
• US Highway 87, Kendall County
• FM 1350, Kerr County
• State Highway 173, Kerr County
• State Loop 98, Kerr County
• State Highway 27, Kerr County
• RM 187, Bandera County
• US Highway 83, Uvalde County
• FM 1435, Uvalde County
• FM 3447, Uvalde County
• RM 334, Uvalde County
For information on affected roadways in other counties, contact Josh Donat, TXDOT public information officer, at 210-615-5932 or josh.donat@txdot.gov.