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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, June 25:
After an underage Kerr-Vert was caught consuming a refreshing adult beverage, it was discovered he was also being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant. Two strikes to you, bub!

A Smarmy San Antonnian (sp?) and a Cretin from Cotulla were both busted because of warrants from an outside agency.

Tuesday, June 26:
A Sissy from Slidell - Louisiana, we presume - remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn on account of having a trio of motions-to-revoke-his-probation warrants - two of which were of the felony variety.

A Bandera Boyo who fled was caught and confined to the county calaboose for his trouble.

Wednesday, June 27 and Thursday, June 28:
A pair of New Braunfels Banditos was picked up for being pie-eyed in public.

A Bandera Boozer reached the ripe ole age of 38 before being pinched for his ostensible first DWI, while his buddy was busted for PI. That's for "public intoxication," not for being a private investigator.

Thursday, June 28:
A San Antonio Scofflaw is still in the slammer for attempting to evade arrest. I don't know about you, but to me, it seems like he was singularly unsuccessful.

An 18-year-old Hellion from Helotes thought he could imbibe with impunity in the Free State of Bantucky; he thought wrong and was arrested for his miscalculation.

Meanwhile, his sidekick from San Antone also found himself on the wrong side of Hill Country Justice - not only for illegal boozing but for pot possession in a drug-free zone.

A Hick from Hondo, a third member of the Unholy Trinity, also lived to regret wacking weed in that aforementioned drug-free zone. Nice going, guys! Our local law enforcement caught theirselves a Trifecta of Malefactors!

Friday, June 29:
Well, it looks like a quartet of Bad Boys from Boerne thought they could have a high ole time in Bandera - literally. Unfortunately - for them - the Long Arm of the Law thought otherwise and the 17 and 18 year olds now find themselves facing charges that include consumption by minors, possessing MJ in a Weed-Free Zone and simply forgetting that pot possession is still a crime in Texas whether in a drug-free zone or otherwise.
Really, guys, really?

A Halfwit from Harlingen remains in lockup after being dogged by a felony warrant that may revoke his probation.

Although possessing a controlled substance is a felony, a lucky Lakehills Lout bonded out of the hoosegow after just an overnight stay as did his cohort in crime, who is now also faces charges stemming from being busted for felony possession of a dangerous drug, two misdemeanor traffic warrants and a misdemeanor "other" warrant.

Saturday, June 30:
Uh, oh, a couple celebrating Saturday nite inexplicably now face a PI charge and a second DWI charge.