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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Wednesday, June 6:
Not only was a Half-baked Hellion from Hondo being housed for Medina County, he's also been charged with a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant, as well as for a traffic warrant and having no liability insurance. Alas, however, for all those transgressions, the 20 year old's stay in local lockup was but three days.

So, not only did an A-Hole was Abilene fail to appear in front of a previous court as instructed, he also apparently satisfied his artistic urges by fabricating a fictional inspection sticker and insurance info. Despite the guy's obvious creativity, a deputy was not amused and arrested the gink on misdemeanor charges.

A Vixen from Van Ormy suffered through an arrest on felony charges that included unlawful delivery of a simulated controlled substance and possession of an apparently real controlled substance. Let me ask the obvious: is "lawful" delivery of a simulated controlled substance ever condoned?

Thursday, June 7:
A 22-year-old hophead from the River City remains confined to the county can for going one toke over the line - actually twice according to a DPS trooper.

A Pipe Creep apparently possessed pot.

Saturday, June 9:
Almost as if he were taking one for the home team, a Bandera Boyo found himself detained for possessing MJ and for the inevitable public intoxication.

A warrant from an outside agency demanded the detention of a Sweetie from San Antone, so she was.

Sunday, June 10:
Despite myriad missteps, a Laddie from Lakehills was sprung from the slammer in record time. Let's face it, if you or I had been charged with possessing a controlled substance, let alone in a correctional facility, in addition to having a pocket full of MaryJane, as well as a first DWI, we'd still be breaking rocks as part of a chain gang.

Sunday, June 10 & Monday, June 11:
A couple of Banditos from Bandera seemed somewhat nonplussed to find themselves in the clutches of Juan Law for being pissed in public - most especially the hombre who was in this country illegally. Uh, oh, he's only 25, so maybe he gets to stay after all.

Tuesday, June 12:
A Lakehills Lawbreaker remains living on the largess of county taxpayers after being locked up for a felony bench warrant and felony "TDCJ other county" - which doesn't sound good, whatever it is.

Wednesday, June 13:
Here's a real sweetheart for you. A Cow from Comfort has been charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury and felony assault to an elderly person and still she managed to make bail in probably record time.

Friday, June 15:
A Cretin from the Pipe District drove recklessly - and was actually picked up for it. For the record, there were 11 reports of reckless driving this week.

An 18-year-old wastrel from West Plains failed to realize that weed is still illegal in this part of Texas and so found himself confined to the calaboose because of it.

Saturday, June 16:
Yet another Bandera Boozer was nicked for being three sheets to the wind in public.

Sunday, June 17:
A 23-year-old Scofflaw from San Antonio celebrated Dad's Day by driving with wild abandon. Imagine his surprise when an eagle-eyed member of the constabulary nailed him for - wait for it! - reckless driving.