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Hail & farewell of marshal on city's agenda

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Bandera City Council will say goodbye and possibly hello to a former and future city marshal during a regular meeting on Thursday, June 21.

Council is poised to accept the resignation of former City Marshal Kenneth Menn, who apparently realized rather quickly the fit everyone had hoped would happen just didn't. The Bandera County Courier reported his resignation in the Thursday, June 14, edition.

Citing "changed situations and circumstances that forced his decision," Menn tendered his resignation to City Manager Mike Cardenas and city council on Tuesday, June 12, effective later that day. He had accepted the city's top law enforcement position in April.

The city marshal system replaced the former police department after budgetary considerations required that three police positions be eliminated effective Oct. 1, 2011.

In a closed executive session, councilmen will discuss the appointment of Capt. Charlie Hicks of the Bandera County Sheriff's Office as Menn's successor with a 60-day probationary period. If appointed, Hicks' salary would start at $48,000 per year. Action on the agenda item will be taken when council reconvenes in open session.

Additionally, in open session, council will make a pro forma appointment of Ruben Nino as part-time city park patrol officer through Oct. 31. Nino's proposed salary of $12 per hour was funded in the 2011-2012. Previously, Nino had worked for the city police department as a reserve officer. He also was employed by Bandera County as a jailer. Additionally, Hicks recommended Nino for the position.

In other business, council will begin discussions of budget planning for fiscal year 2012-2013, including the establishment of budget workshops, and the identification of short and long term city goals, as well as key issues for resource allocation, among other considerations.