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AlertID expands state sex offender registries alerts


Sex offender alerts now
available in Texas

AlertID, a free online and mobile service for members and public safety officials, now provides universal access to and alerts from state sex offender database (SOD) information for more than 112 million people or more than 35 percent of the US population.

States now supported by AlertID are California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. By the end of June, AlertID will add support for Florida and Illinois, which will bring the total to more than 144 million people or more than 45 percent of the population, with more to be announced soon.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children® reported in its Map of Registered Sex Offenders dated November 4, 2011 that there were more than 745,000 registered sex offenders in the United States.

States are required by The Adam Walsh Protection and Safety Act of 2006 to provide public access to their SODs, but the access varies dramatically by state. In addition, states are not required to notify residents if an offender's information, such as his or her address, changes.

AlertID provides a consistent, easy-to-use map to access each supported state's SOD and, importantly, sends alerts to members when the information contained in each offender's file changes.

"We are committed to helping people protect their families and communities. Providing universal access to SOD information and alerts when that information changes will help families make informed decisions about how to keep their family members safe wherever they are," said Ken Wiles, AlertID's chief executive officer.

"I encourage all residents to be armed with this information and AlertID is doing a great service for the safety of our children by making this information easy to access and also alerting residents of any changes," Stephanie Parker, chairman of the Nevada Amber Alert Committee.

The information contained in the SODs is only to be used to protect families, and AlertID members determine whether they want to receive the alerts and for what geographic areas.

AlertID makes the country's public safety information universally accessible, helping people protect their families and communities at no cost.

AlertID has proven to reduce crime and uses the newest technology to create two-way communications between citizens and federal, state, and local authorities to provide immediate information on crime, terrorism or natural disasters that can threaten the safety of your family and community.

For more information about AlertID, Inc. visit www.AlertID.com.