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Munisteri exhorts GOP at red, white & blue fundraiser

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"The best thing about Barack Obama as president is that he let Jimmy Carter off the hook," said Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Munisteri served as keynote speaker at the Bandera County Republican Party Armed Forces Day fundraiser, held Saturday, May 19.

Conservatives, bolstered by Senator John McCain on Sept. 18, 2009, have long considered Carter to be the worst president in modern history.

During his fiery address "to the choir," Munisteri asked the party faithful to "convert the people who voted for (Obama) four years ago."

According to Munisteri, Democrats argue Obama inherited "the mess" from Republicans. "He has been a complete and utter failure at getting people back to work." His economic advisor Christina Romer co-authored the administration's plan for recovery from the 2008 recession. In a January 2009 report, she wrote that the economic stimulus package proposed by President Obama would keep unemployment under 8 percent - which has not happed since he took office.

In fact, many economists cede that the current figure of 8.2 percent unemployment is actually 15 percent, when taking into consideration a constantly shrinking workforce and underemployment is. Additionally, only 69,000 jobs were created in May - a dismal number by anyone's standards.

Munisteri said that on Obama's watch the deficit has burgeoned - with the national debt increasing by 50 percent in just three years.

Officials with the CBO estimate that
in 10 years, the national debt will be $27 trillion dollars with an additional $95 trillion in unfunded federal mandates.

"At 5 percent interest, that's $1.3 trillion per year; at 10 percent, it's $2.7 trillion. The US only collects $2.6 trillion in revenue.

How can you fund a country if you're paying more in interest than you collect?" Munisteri asked. He added, "Greece can't fund its government. It has an unsustainable level of debt and no clear path to get out of it. That's where the United States is heading."

According to Munisteri, the promise of this country has always been "if you work hard, you can leave the next generation better off." He asked, "Don't we have a moral obligation to leave the country better off?"

He believed that not only has Obama failed domestically, regarding unemployment and debt reduction, but also in his foreign policy decisions. "He thought he could simply talk to North Korea and Iran and everything would be better. How did that work out?" Munisteri asked.

"I have ever been as worried about this country as right now," he said. "There will be a clear choice this November. And it will be so important to work for the Republican Party in this election."

If Munisteri is worried about the US, he's bullish on the State of Texas. "Texas is only one of four states that have more people employed now than before the recession began," he said. "In the last 10 years, we have doubled the size of the economy and absorbed 800,000 people from other states."

Munisteri advocated working to make Washington, DC more like Texas. "The only way to get the economy going again is by getting people back to work. Democrats routinely attack business, but business is not the enemy." Contrary to Democrats' belief, "government is not the answer."

He went on to say that four things must occur in November to get America back on the "right" path:

• Defeat President Barack Obama

• Keep Republican control of the US House of Representatives

• Win a majority in the US Senate

• Rid the nation's Capitol of "the most irritating man in DC - Harry Reid"

"Texas is Ground Zero," Munisteri said. "Right now, we have men and women putting their lives on the line so we can have freedom in this county. While they're fighting for freedom over there, we have to ensure that there is freedom left for them here when they get home."

Pictured: Woody Baker and Jill McNichol Harrell

Precinct 4 Constable Rod Chalmers and Precinct 4 Commissioner Doug King

Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, brought a fiery message to local conservatives at the GOP's Armed Forces Day fundraiser on Saturday, May 19.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Richard Keese, Don and Kathy Giles and Sherrie Keese

From left, Roger and Allison Swift and Debbie and Allan Johncock of Van Horn

Texas Tom and Glenda Slaughter, who served as chairman of the Armed Forces Day GOP fundraiser