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Dems begin national debt reduction


The Democratic Club of Bandera County held its regular monthly meeting on Saturday, June 9, at the Silver Sage Community, with Gary Moore presiding.

There was a lively discussion of the results from the May primary election and a look ahead to what the prospects are for the November presidential election.

"The clever, if somewhat tongue in cheek, idea to reduce the national debt "one cent at a time," has not yet been revved up to an all-out campaign, but recognizing that no one seems to want those copper coins anymore, members have been bringing their saved-up pennies to get the drive underway," said a spokesman.

Fund-raising proposals to bolster the Club Treasury for planned future activities were suggested. And, as usual, members enjoyed each others' company and the excellent refreshments.

The next regular meeting, to which newcomers will be certainly welcomed, will be held at the Silver Sage on Saturday, July 14, beginning at noon.