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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, May 28:
A Scofflaw from San Antonio - who at age 23, is certainly old enough to have known better - attempted to boost something worth between $50 and $500. He failed.

Two other denizens of the River City thought it would be appropriate to go one toke over the line in Bandera.
They thought wrong, too.

Tuesday, May 29:
A Bandera Bandito remains in lockup - as of last week anyway - after being detained on account of a felony warrant that may someday be the cause of a probation revocation.

Yet another Bandera Bad Boy found himself afoul of the local constabulary after being nabbed for failing to appear and for being pissed in public, as well.

Wednesday, May 30:
Although pinched for two felonies - possessing a controlled substance and possessing it in a correctional facility - a Pipe Creep posted bail with alacrity.

On the other hand, a Kerr-vert remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after it was discovered he was being dogged by a felony motion-to-revoke-his-probation warrant.

Although arrested for felony sexual assault, this 50-year-old fellow from Pipe Creek took advantage of the popular "catch and release" program.
At least he spent a night in the slammer.

A Blockhead from Bandera remains in the hoosegow on a felony warrant from the ubiquitous "outside agency" as well as one that indicated he had obviously failed to heed the suggestions of a previous court.

Thursday, May 31:
After failing to see the error of his pot-smokin' ways, an 18-year-old Pipe Creek head found himself whisked off to the gaol - albeit for a few hours.

A moribund Medina madchen was arrested after a warrant declared her to be off-bond.

A Bad-tempered Bandera Boyo was hauled in for assaulting someone by contact.

Friday, June 1:
Ditto a lachrymose Lakehills Laddie.
So, this guy from Olmos Park "olmos" got away with being inebriated behind a wheel for a first time, but didn't and spent a night in the county can for his trouble.

Saturday, June 2:
A Slug from San Antonio made it all the way to Bantucky before being picked up for misdemeanor failure-to-appear and traffic warrants.

After going one toke over the line, a local yokel suffered the inevitable consequences.

A Bumpkin from Bandera remains confined to the county calaboose after being hauled in for a misdemeanor warrant that may - but probably won't - someday serve to revoke his probation.

A sinner from San Angelo and a Desperado from Del Rio were both detained for their first DWIs, with the desperado also being charged with possessing MJ in a not so drug-free zone.

Sunday, June 3:
Bet a supercilious Son of San Antone's jaw dropped when he was plucked asunder by the Long Arm of the Local Law for a previous pair of misdemeanor warrants that included failing to appear and disobeying simple traffic laws.

Monday, June 4:
After a court ordered the arrest of a Miscreant from Medina, he was transported to the Do Drop Inn as partial penitence for his transgressions.

Tuesday, June 5:
Possession of MaryJane seemed sufficient to send a smokin' scofflaw to the slammer - for a few hours at least.

A traffic offense of some kind was apparently severe enough to warrant this guy's incarceration in Bandera's Little Big House.

Yet another Pipe Creek was charged with a trio of felonies that seemed to have reached epic proportions because he's still under local lock and key. The charges include possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence and an ostensible first sortie with inebriation behind a wheel.

Someone from Bandera engaged in deadly conduct and was detained for the misdemeanor.

And a lovely young local found herself unsuccessfully explaining away a warrant from an outside agency.

Wednesday, June 6:
Not only is a Hellion from Hondo being housed for Medina County, but he also hit a trifecta after being charged with being tailed by a failure-to-appear warrant and a traffic warrant which undoubtedly led to his also being charged with having no liability insurance.

An A-Hole from Abilene was carted off to the county clink for a failure-to-appear warrant as well as doing a piss poor job of ginning up an inspection sticker and insurance card.

Thursday, June 7:
Reefer madness must have hit San Antone after one habitué was detained for possessing less than two ounces of the stuff - twice!

Ditto for Pipe Creek - except this nimrod only had one wad of less than two ounces of grass.

Saturday, June 9:
Ditto squared, except this local gink was also charged with public intoxication.

Who would have thought it? Another upstanding citizen of Bandera brought down by a warrant from an outside agency. What's this funny old world of ours coming to?

Sunday, June 10:
A lawbreaker from Lakehills was seized for a quartet of malfeasances, including felony possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility, felony possession of a controlled substance, a very first DWI and a having pocketful of weed, as well. Despite all that, he spent but a scant few hours in the slammer.

A Bandera Boozer celebrated the Sabbath by being pie-eyed in public.

Monday, June 11:
Here's some free advice. If you're in this country illegally, don't do anything to attract the attention of local law enforcement, like being unable to hold yer likker in public. 'Cause, if you do, you'll find yourself charged with whatever attracted the attention of law enforcement in the first place in addition to being detained for INS.

It's that simple - at least in the Lone Star State!