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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, May 22:
A warrant from an outside agency provided the impetus for a troopie to nail a Kerr-vert.

A resident of Lakehills was arrested for felony aggravated sexual assault and felony sexual assault.

A Pipe Creep was found to be carrying a felony controlled substance.

A silly 20-year-old San Antonian apparently was caught consuming something she ought not to have.

Wednesday, May 23:
A Kriminal from K-K-K-K-Katy was tripped up due to a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.

After he apparently attempted to trespass criminally, a Lakehills Laddie accountably found himself charged with - what else? - criminal trespass.

Felony driving drunk with a child in a vehicle seemed sufficient to send a souse from San Antone to the slammer for a night at least.

Another day and yet another misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency caught up with a citizen from the Creek District.

Apparently a Bandera Bad Boy burglarized a vehicle.

Thursday, May 24:
A felony warrant may serve to revoke the probation of a Hick from Hunt.

A local yokel remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after his good times were quelled by a felony warrant from an outside agency.

Friday, May 25:
A Bandito from Bandera remains confined to the county quod on two misdemeanor charges - a first DWI and a failure-to-appear warrant.

Ditto for a San Antonio Sumbeach who was nicked for two warrants from an outside agency - one a felony and the other, not.

Two revelers from Medina and Bandera who seemed to be three-sheets-to-the-wind were pinched for public intoxication.

Saturday, May 26:
Yet another Lakehills lawbreaker was picked up - this one for driving without a license, but while being boozed up behind a wheel for a first time.

Well, another Sattiday nite in the Free State of Bantucky and another person gets picked up for being pissed in public.

A Skunk from San Antonio hit the Hill Country Trifecta after being nicked for a misdemeanor traffic warrant, as well as for for failing to appear, and driving without a license, to boot.

Sunday, May 27:
A wachamacallit from Wahiawa thought she could drink with impunity in the Cowboy Capital of the World. And, she could until being picked up for public intoxication.

A 20something sweet young boozer from Bandera found herself on thin ice - if there is such a thing in the Hill Country - after being charged with a second DWI.

So, this Bandera Bad Boy thought he could get away with driving with an expired license and while being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant, but he couldn't.

A San Antonio Stoopid attempted to drive while intoxicated in the Hill Country. Failing that, he was charged with a very first DWI.

Monday, May 28:
My guess is, in the wee, wee, wee hours of Monday May 28, a trio of Idjits careened up from the River City in hopes their shenanigans would be overlooked by the yahoo law enforcement officers in the county. Well, that didn't happen but, one little piggy was arrested for attempting to lift something, and two other little piggies remain under lock and key for pot possession.