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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, May 15:
A Matronly Moron from Monticello spent a couple of nights in the slammer after being sent there for two failure-to-appear warrants and attempting to lift a couple of items worth more than $50 but less than $500.

A misdemeanor traffic warrant put the kibosh on the good times of a Lakehills Laddie - for a day, at least.

Although just 23 years of age, a Bandera Boyo apparently has had other run-ins with the law because he was nabbed this time for failure to appear and for an "other" warrant.

A Lunkhead from Lakehills was busted for going one toke over the line in a drug-free zone.

Wednesday, May 16:
As were apparently two of his friends - except their fax pas(es?) were not committed in a drug-free zone.

Thursday, May 17:
Two "other" warrants stopped a Pipe Creep in his trax - for a few hours at least.

Although nabbed for a slew of transgressions, including tooling around with an open container in his vehicle; being dogged by both traffic and failure-to-appear warrants; having no liability insurance; and, for good measure, being three sheets to the wind while he was doing it, this Bandera Blockhead appears to have spent but a few scant hours in the slammer.

So, this really old geezer from Bastrop was caught and released for felony failing to register as a sexual offender. Do you think he's duly registered now?

A Bandera Bad Girl remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after being picked up for being unable to shake a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant and a felony bench warrant and, apparently for good measure, driving without a license, as well.

A denizen of Pipe Creek was pinched for possessing paraphernalia as well as pot and for cruising merrily along while being crapulent behind a wheel.
Well, that could explain the "merrily" part.

Friday, May 18:
A Miscreant from Medina was purportedly conducting himself in a disorderly manner.

Two pesky "other" warrants seemed sufficient to send a Cowboy Capital Criminalette to the quod for a night.

You would have thought that a 40-year-old Lunkhead from Lakehills would have been old enough to know better than to appear in public while intoxicated - but apparently he didn't.

Saturday, May 19:
A Scofflaw from Spring Branch attempted to drive without a license in Bandera, but failed.

The good times of a Hooligan from Hondo were stymied by a warrant from an outside agency.

A Lovely Young Thang from Pipe Creek got in trouble because of her carryings on with Mary Jane.

I sware, doesn't anyone obey the law in these here parts? Now comes a Boob from Bandera who remains confined to the county calaboose on myriad charges, including felony unlawful possession of a firearm, evading arrest - rather unsuccessfully it would seem - possessing a dangerous drug and making it available to a minor and, last, but not least, assault by threat.

Sunday, May 20:
It would seem the next two not-exceedingly-bright Bandera Babes in Arms might be connected to the aforementioned boover boy. The 17-year-old boyo remains in Bandera's Big House for resisting and evading arrest, possessing a dangerous drug and consuming something he ought not to have been.

Meanwhile, this gink's 17-year-old girlfriend, who was, by the way, bailed out of the booby, was booked for evading arrest, possessing a dangerous drug and consuming something that, as a minor, she also ought not to have been.

After listing the contraventions of the above trio, booking a Con from Concan for driving without a license seems somewhat pathetic.

A 64-year-old Malefactor from Medina was charged with resisting arrest.

Monday, May 21:
A Slob from San Jose still remains a guest of the X Bar Inn because he purportedly possessed two - not one, but two - dangerous drugs.