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Two weeks of wild weather - flooding & downed trees


For the last two weeks, lines of thunderstorms have swept through Bandera County, bringing much-needed rain but leaving damage in their wake. On Wednesday, May 9, storms left roads flooded in the Vanderpool area in this photo by Precinct 4 Commissioner Doug King.

Bottom: High winds, lightning and possible drought stress brought down this big hackberry in the yard of Pat Boyle Realty office on the corner of Cedar and 13th Street Monday night, May 14. The downed tree just missed the carport on the northwest end of the building. Downed trees and broken branches were spotted all over Bandera Tuesday morning. USGS water data charts show a steady rise in the level of Medina Lake since Friday, May 11. The level on Tuesday, May 15 was at 1012.5 feet. The Patterson Road gage indicated rainfall of approximately three inches. The gage at Bandera City Park showed a 4-foot rise and about three inches of rain.