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Rain contributes to accidents

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 10, a Chevy pickup driven by Jesus Zarate Jr, 32, of Mercedes, Texas, hit a wet spot on 173 North and hydroplaned. The pickup spun around and struck the guardrail backwards, slid off the roadway into a ravine, and struck a tree before coming to rest.

Joseph Monreal, 22, was a passenger in the vehicle. No serious injuries were reported.

Shortly afterward, a second vehicle, a passenger car, hydroplaned in the same area and crashed through the opposite end of the guardrail. The car came to rest balanced on the edge of the pavement.

Emergency personnel kept the female driver in the vehicle until it could be stabilized before allowing her to exit. The car had extensive damage to the front bumper, but the unidentified driver was not injured.

On Friday, May 11, a Dodge Ram pickup driven by Victoria Waltz, 23, drove through the wall of the Medina Post Office around 3 pm. According to DPS reports, Waltz turned onto Parker Street from Highway 16 at an unsafe speed for the wet roadway conditions. The vehicle came to rest in the post office.

Also in the vehicle were Muhir Abdul-Razik, 27, and a 3-year-old boy.

Pictured: Photos by Gail Joiner
In the top photo, the driver of this vehicle had to wait until her car was stabilized as it balanced on the edge of a drop-off before she could exit.

The accident happened around 6 pm Thursday, May 10 on 173 North near Bandera Pass. Rain-slicked pavement from welcome showers throughout the day contributed to two separate accidents at the scene. In the bottom photo, Bandera VFD firefighters assist law enforcement at the other end of the guardrail where a pickup spun off into a ravine.