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-- Law West & East of Privilege Creek --

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, May 1:
An under-aged Freak from F'burg found himself snatched by the Long Arm of the Law because of a misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear and for consuming a refreshing adult beverage, to boot.

A 49-year-old Lush from Lakehills was picked on account of he might have been driving while inebriated for a first time.

Wednesday, May 2:
A Pipe Creep faces a felony charge of "PROR SUBS CORR PAC," which translated into RealSpeak means that he probably attempted to "smuggle" a prohibited substance into a correctional facility - and for going one toke over the line, which is, well, rather anticlimactic, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the guy's apparent cohort in crime faces but a misdemeanor pot possession charge.

A Bastid from Bandera remains locked up after being arrested for felony indecency with a child. Too bad jails no longer have keys to throw away.

Thursday, May 3:
Yet another pair of fine, upstanding young men from the Creek District find theirselves faced with felony possession of a PG1 controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of inhalant and injection paraphernalia. Apparently, these guys wanted to have all their "par-tay" bases covered.

I think this "big-boned gal from San Antone" might have been mixing it up with the above-mentioned A-Holes 'cause she was also nabbed for felony possession of a PG1 controlled substance and for carrying injection paraphernalia, too.

A Bandera Bad Girl remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after finding herself faced with a trio of felony "other" warrants. Next year, try celebrating your Natal Day at home.

Friday, May 4:
Yet another Blockhead from Bandera finds himself confined to the county can due to a pair of felony warrants that may someday serve to revoke this guy's probation.

A Dandy from Devine was busted for his first DWI.

Whereas a Pip from Pipe Creek finds himself in a bigger bit of a pickle after being charged with a felony third DWI.

Which, I guess, is much worse than being picked for mere public intoxication as was yet another denizen of Pipe Creek.

Saturday, May 5:
An Alice-ite Alien celebrated Cinco de Mayo by being charged with a first DWI.

So, this San Antonio Scofflaw, who thought he could gin up a license plate by employing cardboard and Magic Markers, was, instead charged with having a fictional license plate.

A Slugger from San Antone was sent to the slammer for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.

A Detritus from D'Hanis failed to identify himself after the nice law enforcement officer asked him politely, so the gal or guy - who knows! Who cares? - spent a few hours in the hoosegow instead of celebrating the Cinco with his - or her - fiends.

Yet another Cowboy Capital Criminal got on the business end of a state trooper and was subsequently charged with felony evading arrest with a vehicle, misdemeanor resisting arrest and felony abandonment or neglect of a child. Despite the trio of fairly serious charges, this guy spent but a night in the county quod.

A local yokel apparently went one drink over the line again and was picked up for a felony third DWI.