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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, April 24:
A Cretin from Carrizo Springs went one toke over the line in the Cowboy Capital and was sent to the can for his trouble.

Imagine this - A Bandera Bandito failed to appear in court so a warrant was issued for his arrest - and he was, for a few hours at least.
Well, that's better than nothing.

Another Cretin, this one from Crystal City, remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn after being nabbed for a felony motion that might revoke his previous probation.

A Bandera Boozer was picked up for his first DWI.

Wednesday, April 25:
Disregarding the law(s) once again, a 20-year-old denizen of Pipe Creek found himself facing myriad charges, including two counts of failing to appear, two counts of "off-bond," one a felony; unlawful carrying; misdemeanor warrant that may end his probation; and, for good measure, consuming a refreshing adult beverage without being one - a adult, that is, not a beverage. For his transgressions, he remains in the county calaboose.

Thursday, April 26:
A Lakehills Laddie was picked up for public intoxication.

A Scofflaw traveled all the way from San Antonio to do some criminal trespassing, it would seem.

A Lakehills pugilist assaulted a public servant and, for his felonious trouble, was hauled off the hoosegow, while his buddy also made bail for a lesser charge of assault with bodily injury.

A felony warrant from an outside agency seemed sufficient to stop a Fredericksburg Fop in his tracks and send him to the gaol, where he remains.

A Pipe Creep criminally trespassed and so also remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn.

A Lakeshore Laddie, who had apparently driven without a license, saw the inside of Bandera's Big House for his misbehavior.

Friday, April 27:
A court ordered the felony lockup of a Bandera Bad Boy and local law enforcement officers were happily to oblige.

A Bandera Bad Girl, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, failed to spend much time in the slammer before she bailed out.

Two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency seemed sufficient for a local yokel to remain under lock and key for awhile.

Saturday, April 28:
Yet another Cowboy Capital Criminal remains in Bandera's Bastille for a misdemeanor warrant that may eventually revoke his probation.

Possession of a dangerous drug got another local in trouble - for but a night, it would seem.

A Boozer from Bradford got nipped for public intoxication.

A Slug from San Antonio remains in stir on a trio of misdemeanor charges, including criminal trespass, failure to ID and resisting arrest.