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MacNeil announces for county attorney


My name is Daniel J. MacNeil and I am running for county attorney.

My family and I moved to the Hill County in 2010. I am married to my best friend, Danni, and we have seven wonderful kids, ranging in ages from 15 years to 6 months. When looking to relocate, we wanted to move to an area that shared the values we hold dear - belief in God and a love of country and family. Since moving here we have not been disappointed. We have become friends with many wonderful people.

I started my career in law later in life. In 2004, I graduated law school from St. Mary's University and passed the bar that same year. However, I did not practice law until 2006, as I was recalled to the US Army for Operation Iraqi Freedom for nearly a year and a half.

After returning to Texas, I started my solo practice with a small office in downtown San Antonio. My practice of law has included transactional law, real estate, estate planning and probate, as well as representation of veterans in disability disputes. I have also participated in civil litigation ranging from small disputes to cases involving high profile companies such as Clear Channel Communications and American Airlines.

However, my life experience is not limited to law.

Rather than go directly from college into law school, I enlisted in the US Army, serving in both intelligence and special operations where I obtained the rank of staff sergeant.

While in the army I became fluent in Arabic and traveled to many different parts of the world, serving this great country. I was on active duty for four years before entering law school then a year and a half after graduation. The experiences I had during this time will forever live with me and define what I do for the rest of my life.

I decided to run for county attorney for several reasons, the first being that I believe that it is time that the Bandera County Attorney work only for the people of the county and not in private practice. If elected, I will serve only the people of the county. This will eliminate the conflict of interests that have plagued this office currently and in the past.

Secondly, as a conservative who believes that spending at the federal level is appalling, I was dismayed to learn that the county has increased the pay of the county attorney 18 percent in the past three years. At this same time, the rest of the state was cutting or freezing pay for many state and local employees


It also surprised me further to see that in Texas counties with a population size of 10,000 to 24,999, the salary of the Bandera County Attorney is in the top 6 percent, over $100,000


If elected, I pledge to work with the commissioners' court to rollback the salary of the county attorney to the 2008 level.

Lastly, in a county this size I believe all elected officials have a unique opportunity to connect to the people they serve. Since moving here, both my wife and I have been involved in numerous activities and programs for children. As your county attorney, I would like to strengthen the relationship between that office and numerous county youth programs, including church youth groups, Little League and the Boys and Girls Clubs, among others. It is my hope that we can work together to help the kids of our community prior to prosecuting them in court.

While traveling throughout the county I have met many outstanding people.

This has reconfirmed my family's decision to raise our children here.

If elected I promise that the office of county attorney will serve the people of Bandera County with honor.

God Bless.