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Republican Party sets county-district convention


Bandera County Republican Chairman Ed Hodges has announced that the 2012 Bandera County-District Republican Convention will be held, beginning at 9 am, Saturday, April 21, at Bandera Middle School, 1005 Cherry Street.

The Bandera County-District Republican Convention is held in even-numbered election years, as part of the statewide and national Republican convention process. The convention selects delegates and alternates to the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) State Convention, currently scheduled for June 7-9 in Fort Worth.

The convention also considers resolutions or statements on policy issues to send to the state convention for eventual inclusion in the state and national GOP platform.

As a result of the substantial changes in the 2012 election calendar, the Bandera Republican Party will not conduct precinct conventions the evening of the Tuesday, May 29, Primary Election.

All party business will be incorporated into the county-district convention on April 21.

The convention is open to any registered voter who signs an oath of affiliation identifying themselves as a Republican.

All participants will be seated by precinct and will vote their precinct strength. Furthermore, all have the right to seek appointment as state delegate and to offer resolutions for consideration by the convention.

In making the announcement, Hodges said, "Although the timing of this year's convention schedule has changed for Bandera County Republicans, we are more enthusiastic than ever about coming together for this important event and ready to get to work on our duties that day."

He continued, "On behalf of our county party, I invite all interested Bandera County Republicans to join us on Saturday, April 21, at Bandera Middle School to participate in a full day of important discussions and decisions that will carry forward to our State Republican Convention and beyond."

As an additional resource, the state party will answer any questions related to the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Convention process.

More convention information is available at the RPT website,


For additional questions or information, contact Hodges at 830-446-2932 or at ehodges@hitz.com.

More information can also be found at the Bandera GOP website,