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Twin Elm Chuck Wagon Races - fast, wild & western


Those who have witnessed a chuck wagon race in an arena know it's not for the faint of heart. Often referred to as "Cowboy NASCAR," the sport is wild, fast, dangerous, crazy - and, of course, pure western!

Bring an event like this to Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World and things get a lot more exciting. Races are held in an open pasture using barrels for boundaries, which makes for some pretty hair-raising racing.

Skeptics are urged to watch the videos at


and see for themselves what "cowboy" means.

The Twin Elm Guest Ranch in Bandera will hold the nationally sanctioned Chuck Wagon Races on Saturday and Sunday, April 14 and 15. The event is a preliminary qualifying race to the National Finals in Clinton, Arkansas, during Labor Day weekend. Visitors are urged to come to Bandera a week before the races with camping gear and horses because there will be plenty of activities for those that like to mingle with equine friends!

Or, just show up for the Friday rodeo or Saturday and Sunday for the races.

Just be sure to show up - and bring the entire family. It's the most fun you will have with your boots on!

For more information,


or call 830-796-3628.

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