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Veterans can add 'Veteran' to Texas driver license

Courtesy Texas Veterans Commission website

Thanks to a new section of the Texas Transportation Code, Texas veterans can now have the designation "Veteran" placed on any type or class of Texas driver license.

To qualify, the veteran must have served in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marine Corps; served in the Texas National Guard as defined in Section 431.001, Texas Government Code; and been honorable discharged from the branch of service in which the person served.

Veterans who are not US citizens but served and received an honorable discharge from one of the services above are eligible. The "Veteran" designation is not currently available on a Texas ID card.

To be eligible, the veteran must present a DD-214 or DD-215 signifying they received an honorable discharge, or general discharge.

The veteran must visit a driver license office and initiate the request for the designation and provide the necessary documentation.

Once the veteran status has been recorded in the driver license database, military documents will not be required.

A duplicate transaction fee will be applied to obtain a duplicate driver license reflecting an added designation. However, the veteran will not be charged an additional fee while applying for:

• an original license

• a renewal

• modification or upgrade of the class of their driver license

• change of address

• replacement of a lost or stolen license.