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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, March 20:
A Bandera Bandito remains confined to the county can after being charged not only with a felony warrant that may serve to revoke his parole, but also with a misdemeanor warrant for same.

A Lakehills Laddie seems also to have been tripped up by an "other" warrant for which he also remains behind bars - as of this writing at lest.

Wednesday, March 21:
Despite being dogged by a quintet of felony warrants from an outside agency, a Bandera Blockhead bailed out of the pokey posthaste.

Thursday, March 22:
Oh, no, another local yokel appears to have gone one toke over the line - for which he was nabbed with alacrity.

Friday, March 23:
Being pinched for a felony "other" warrant seems not to have broken the stride of a 60-year-old citizen.

Whereas, a Pipe Creep remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn for a pair of misdemeanor and a single felony warrants from that pesky outside agency.

A Cowboy Capital Criminal appears to have been in and out of the county quod due to a warrant from - you guessed it - an outside agency.

A Kerr-vert seems to have had problems obeying local traffic laws after being nabbed for driving without a license, two traffic warrants and a lingering failure-to-appear warrant.

Sunday, March 25:
Apparently a denizen of the Creek District thought he could interfere with the duties of a public service with impunity. He found out differently after being arrested.

An 18-year-old miscreant from Medina found himself in Hot Water after the Long Arm of the Law charged him with pot possession in a drug-free zone, felony possession of a dangerous drug and felony manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. Ah, worthy careers all for a fine, upstanding citizen.

A Lakehills Lassie also faces charges for carry MJ in a drug-free zone.

A cretin from Pipe Creek might not have gotten away with performing some kind of criminal mischief.

A Bandera Boozer was picked up for his first DWI.

A Bad-Tempered Citizen of Corpus Christi remains confined to the county calaboose for assaulting someone by contact.

An 18-year-old Slug from San Antone and his 17-year-old buddy from Bandera also remain in the Big House for consuming something minors ought not to have been and for being weed wackers, to boot.

Now comes the 33-year-old scofflaw who apparently made the refreshing adult beverages available to the above minors. He also has not as yet made bail. Well, boo-hoo.

To end this week's parade of pariahs, now comes a Ninny from New Braunfels who is still enjoying the largess of local taxpayers after being charged with pot possession, procuring likker for underage "yewts" and, for good measure, driving without a license.

Inmates in county lockup number 59 with nine from Gillespie and Medina counties and a quartet from Real County with the rest being arrested you know where.

What, oh, what, is a law-abiding citizen to do?