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MLPS top posters exhibited in Bandera


Pictured From the Top...

First place in the high school division went to Diana Moreno of Medina Valley High School, who celebrated her selection with her mother, Joanne Moreno, and art teacher, Kevin Rakoski.

Allie Denham of Bandera Middle School received an honorable mention for her colored pencil poster submission.

The grand prize-winning poster submission of Emily Mason, art student at Bandera Middle School, was selected as the official Medina Lake Dam Centennial Poster. Her watercolor featured the array of activities that center around Medina Lake and the dam.

Roberto Pachecano, MLPS volunteer, looked over a signed version of the official Medina Lake Dam Centennial Poster at an exhibit and reception at the Bandera County Public Library on Friday, March 9.

Amy Kepp, art teacher at Bandera Middle School, accepted a check for $100 from MLPS President Carol Smith on behalf of Emma DeGoes, whose colored pencil submission won first place in the middle school category in the recent poster contest.