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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, Feb. 21:
Driving without a license is still illegal in Bandera, as someone from Medina recently discovered.

After a Bandera Bad-Tempered Babe apparently mixed it up with an equally as Foul-Tempered Fellow from Camp Verde, both were charged with misdemeanor assault(s) with bodily injury(ies).

A misdemeanor warrant that may serve to eventually revoke his probation has kept an Uvalde Dunce confined to the county clink for a while.

A trio of misdemeanor traffic warrants seemed sufficient to send a Pipe Creep to the can - for a day at least.

A Bandera Boozer was picked up for public intoxication.

Wednesday, Feb. 22:
A trio of would-be pugilists from Bandera and Pipe Creek were nabbed for apparently assaulting one another by contact.

A Cretin from Centerville Leon remains a guest of the X Bar Inn on a trifecta of misdemeanor charges, including a failure-to-appear warrant, a first DWI and one of those pesky warrants from an outside agency.

Well, well this might be a first since I started editing the arrest reports in 2007. It appears someone has actually been arrested on a misdemeanor charge of discharging a firearm on less than 10 acres of land. Will wonders never cease?

Thursday, Feb. 23:
A denizen of the Creek District was busted for going one toke over the line with less than two ounces of weed.

Someone from somewhere that I couldn't decipher has been charged with being unable to hold his likker in public.

A warrant from an outside agency seemed to have put a stop to the good times of a citizen of Pipe Creek - for a day, at least.

Although only 19 years old, this well brought up Bandera Babe found herself charged with weed wacking and being dogged by two failure-to-appear warrants, as well as by another for failing to comply with the suggestions of a previous court.

Friday, Feb. 24:
Driving with an expired license put a Lakehills Lassie out of the loop and into the quod for a couple hours, at least.

A Bandera Blockhead remains behind bars for felony retaliation, felony harassment by a prisoner, misdemeanor criminal mischief and public intoxication.

A felony warrant from an outside agency and a misdemeanor failure to ID seemed sufficient to keep a 20something Bandera Bad Boy in the slammer.

A couple of Bandera Boobies - old enough to have known better - were picked up on misdemeanor and felony "other" warrants.

So, this 19-year-old Slug decides to slither up from San Antone expressly to hinder the apprehension and prosecution of someone. Let's see how that works out for her.

Perhaps the "someone" was the chick's companion who was purportedly pinched for pot possession.

The Long Arm of the Law reached out and plucked three denizens of Pipe Creek asunder, charging them with speeding, DUI as a minor and being pie-eyed in public.

Saturday, Feb. 25:
A Cowboy Capital Nincompoop remains confined to the Bandera Big House on three misdemeanor warrants - one from an outside agency and two that had resulted from a couple of less-than-stellar traffic stops.

A couple of Local Lushes found themselves staring at John Law while being three sheets to the wind, to boot.

A matched set of Numskulls from San Antonio decided it would be copacetic to indulge in illegalities, such as MJ and an apparently not-so-controlled substance, while cruising Bandera County. Well, they thought wrong.

Another Saturday nite in Bandera, another alky picked up for public intoxication. Oh, well ...

Sunday, Feb. 26:
A Pipe Creek Crazy remains confined to the county calaboose due to a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency and pot possession, to boot.