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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Feb. 13:
A 20something Bandera Bad Boy - apparently off to a great start in life - remains under lock and key after being picked up for two misdemeanors, failing to appear and for consuming a refreshing adult beverage while underage.

Warrants from outside agencies tripped up a Lassie from Lakehills and a Honey from Helotes.

Tuesday, Feb. 14:
A San Antonio Slug seemed chagrined to discover that a driver's license was necessary even in the Hill Country.

A misdemeanor charge of reckless driving put the skids on the good times of a New Braunfels Ninny.

Wednesday, Feb. 15:
A 45-year-old Flunky from Florence - Texas, we presume - and a 19-year-old Lawbreaker from Leander remain confined to the county can on felony charges related to "other" warrants.

Thursday, Feb. 16:
A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency stopped the good times of a Bandera Bandito - for a bit, at least.

Ditto, an "other" warrant served against a Bodacious 53-year-old Banderan, who should have known better.

After being charged with a pot-related misdemeanor, a Culprit from Castroville probably wishes she had ditched her less-than-two-ounce stash of weed.

Now comes an apparent self-medicator from San Antone who found himself charged with a first DWI as well as pot possession.

Friday, Feb. 17:
Well, some kind of record must have been set when a 76-year-old Bandera Boozer was busted for his first DWI. Quick, call Guinness.

Saturday, Feb. 18:
A dipsoManiac from Moore appeared unable to hold his likker in public in Bandera.
Purportedly this 40-year-old Bandera Babe was not only driving while intoxicated for an inaugural time, but Demon Rum might have influenced her to commit criminal mischief as well.

Uh, oh, a Menacing Miscreant from Medina was carrying a prohibited weapon, which led to a felony charge.

Although but a warrant from an outside agency, the mere mention of its existence seemed sufficient to seal a Boerne Bad Girl in the slammer - where she remains at this writing at least.

Sunday, Feb. 19:
Another Banderan was caught going one toke over the line.

A malfeasant from Floresville was sent to the slammer, charged with assault by threat.

Monday, Feb. 20:
What went on in Medina on President's Day? One denizen seemingly hit the "go-directly-to-jail-and-do-not-collect-$200" jackpot after being nabbed for two traffic warrants, two counts of having no liability insurance and two failure-to-appear warrants. For his numerous misdeeds, he remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn.

Tuesday, Feb. 21:
Two more Medina malefactors were pinched - one for driving without a license and the other for assault with bodily injury.

And, for good measure, a Bad Tempered Broad from Bandera was also charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury. All three of Tuesday's transgressors remain confined to the calaboose, but will probably sniff the sweet smell of freedom at any time.

A total of 63 jailbirds call the Bandera County Clink "home sweet home."

Inmates helping to pay off the bond levied for the jail and justice center include 20 from Medina County, four from Real County, a trio from Gillespie County and two from Kimble County.

Unfortunately, local taxpayers are required to cough up room and board for the rest.