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Texas Primary set for May 29 - tentatively

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

According to Keith Ingram, director of elections from the office of the Texas Secretary of State, Tuesday, May 29, has been tentatively set for the Texas Primary Election.

While not yet finalized, May 29 is the date that the United States District Court in San Antonio "would like for everyone to work towards."

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the court concluded a two-day status hearing regarding continuing litigation over redistricting and the drawing of interim maps. At the close of the hearing, panel judges instructed officials with both the Democratic and Republican parties to work with the Secretary of State's office on a scheduling order. That order would include proposed timelines and schedules for elections administration - based the target of a May 29 for the Primary Election.

According to Bandera County Election Administrator Toba Perez-Wright, that is all the information that is available at this time.

For questions, voters are asked to contact the Texas Elections Division at 800-252-2216.

Wright also reminded county residents that Voters' Registration Cards have not yet been mailed.

"I won't be mailing them out until we have a date certain for the primary election," Wright said in an interview. "If we mail out the cards and the primary is postponed until June, we would have wasted taxpayers' money and that's something I'm unwilling to do."

The Bandera County Courier will keep readers updated as events - and dates - unfold.