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Cedar Creek Nursing Center celebrates Cupid's Day

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

(Editor's note: Due to a "senior moment," a thousand apologies must go out to the unidentified, but clearly wonderful, members of the Williams Creek Study Group from Tarpley, who put on the St. Valentine's Day party at Cedar Creek. Please call the Courier at 830-796-9799 and tell us your names, so we can run them in the Feb. 23 edition. Again, thanks so much for the excellent party!)

Bandera's Cedar Creek Nursing Center on Montague Drive always celebrates Valentine's Day in a big way - and Tuesday, Feb. 14, proved no exception.

A huge party came complete with balloons, sumptuous pink and red cupcakes, platters of crispy cookies and even red clown noses for the residents - who could resist? The fete came courtesy of members of Tarpley's Williams Creek Study Group - an offshoot of the AgriLife Extension Service, under the direction of Jana Osbourne.

The traditional Valentine's Day Court included King John Miller and Queen Dorothy Wier, attended by Prince John Collins and Princess Hazel Criswell.

Relatives of the residents attended the pink, red and white festivities and, while licking sugar icing from fingers and wiping crumbs from lips, everyone agreed, "This was the best Valentine's Day party at Cedar Creek ever!"

We'd have to agree. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Pictured: Top- The 2012 Valentine's Day Court at the Cedar Creek Nursing Center consisted of, from left, Prince John Collins, King John Miller and Princess Hazel Criswell. Queen Dorothy Wier is not pictured.

Shirley Hood - aka Faith - brought good cheer and red clown noses to everyone at the Cedar Creek Nursing Center on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Just loved the purple wig!

Valentine Day King John Miller cuddled 2-month-old Jose Maria Antonio Caballero at the Valentine's Day party.