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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Feb. 6:

A Miscreant from Medina bounced a rubber check and, for her audacity, found herself summarily hauled off to the hoosegow.

A San Antone Slug was tripped up by a warrant from an outside agency.

A Ninny from Navasota was arrested for a first DWI.

Tuesday, Feb. 7:

A Bad-Tempered Bandera was charged with assault with bodily injury.

A Souse from San Antonio remains confined to the county can because of an ostensible first DWI.

A Lakehills Laddie might have gone one toke over the line after he was found carrying less than two ounces of marijuana.

Residents of Katy and Pipe Creek found themselves confined - albeit briefly - in the gaol for a pair of first DWIs. However, hopefully they weren't both behind the same wheel.

A Bandera Bad Boy was hauled off to the hoosegow - where he remains - due to a misdemeanor warrant that may someday, down the line, revoke his probation.

A Twit from Tarpley - of a sufficient age to have known better - was picked up on a warrant that indicated he had failed to heed the wise ministrations of a previous court.

A Lakehills Lawbreaker was arrested for a felony Judgment Nisi - which is essentially a bond forfeiture. He remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn.

A Swizzler from Shallotte traveled all the way to Bandera to get charged with his first DWI.

Apparently a father and son duo from Palacios and Bandera, respectively, found themselves afoul of the law on an "other" warrant and for a second DWI, respectively.

Wednesday, Feb. 8:

A Gink from Gilette and a Bandera Boyo were both picked up after being dogged by misdemeanor capius pro fine warrants.

Thursday, Feb. 9:

A Pipe Creep found himself in hot water for purportedly committing assault by contact.

Because a Bandera Bandito failed to appear two times, he too found himself in the clutches of John Law.

A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency seemed sufficient to keep an A-Hole from Austin in the slammer.

A pothead from Pipe Creek was found to be carrying less than two ounces of the stuff.

Friday, Feb. 10:

Yet another Bandera Boozer was busted for a first DWI.

And yet another local yokel for pot possession.

An 18 year old from Spring Branch was arrested for felony burglary of a building.

Saturday, Feb. 11:

Well, it seemed like refreshing adult beverages might have been flowing on this date because guys from Coleman, Wichita Falls and Medina were picked up for first DWIs, while libation lovers from Ballinger and Bandera were transported to the county quod for being unable to hold their likker in public.

Meanwhile pot possession charges have been leveled against denizens of Bandera and Pipe Creek.

Going everyone one better, a party hardy from Pipe Creek was taken off to jail for both a first DWI and pot possession, to boot.

Sunday, Feb. 12:

More of the same occurred on the Sabbath after a couple of Cowboy Capital Criminals were charged with public intoxication and a first DWI.

A broken-out bout of fisticuffs led to the untimely arrest of a local not-so-young lovely for assault with bodily injury, who remains incarcerated for her trouble.

Additionally, her purported cohort-in-crime, a San Antonio Slugger, also found himself in hot water and charged with two counts of assault with bodily injury.

Well, that's enough crime for this week, folks!