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Payne seeks re-election as county attorney


It is with a great excitement that I announce my candidacy for re-election as Bandera County Attorney.

I welcome the continued opportunity to work with other elected, hired and appointed officials of Bandera County to improve the quality of life in our community. It has, indeed, been a great pleasure to work daily with one or more citizens who are serving this community in just about every county office or agency.

And, in keeping my eyes and ears open during the early stages of the campaign in this unusual year, it has become apparent that I must ensure that Bandera County citizens are aware of the true facts regarding the hard work coming out of their county attorney's office and the efficiencies I and my staff have achieved.

The Office of County Attorney continuously provides an opportunity for leadership in the community with its ever-present commitment to the principle that it shall be the primary duty of a prosecuting attorney not to convict but to see that justice is done.

Being an effective county official also necessitates being involved in the community. Toward that end, over the past eight years, my wife, Cindy, and I have been intensely involved in and with Bandera County and its residents. We have regularly attended church in Bandera County and some of the activities we support include the Bandera County Jr. Livestock Show; Cowboy Capital Rodeo Association; Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas, for which I have served as president over the past four years; Boys & Girls Clubs, Frontier Times Museum; Arthur Nagel Community Clinic; The Bandera County Republican Party, as a life-long Republican; and the Bandera County Republican Women's PAC.

During the past four years, Cindy and I have also supported, attended or participated in the BISD Educational Foundation activities, Bandera Honors Veterans, Celebrate Bandera, Cajun Festival, Lakehills annual Spaghetti Dinner, The National Day of the American Cowboy and various annual parades. In short, Bandera County is truly our home and we are invested through time and money in the community in just about every way possible.

One of my most visible duties as county attorney is the prosecution of misdemeanors. To help improve the overall performance of our criminal and juvenile justice systems, my staff and I have arranged or sponsored 11 different training and informational programs that have benefitted all involved.

Two programs in particular were targeted to provide training for Bandera County law enforcement in pursing DWI offenses. Each attending officer received as much as six free continuing education hours - saving taxpayer dollars. As evidence of the relevancy of the programs, we had participants from at least five other counties.

With the unending help and support of my great staff, we have made significant progress in keeping with my theme of "Working Together Making Bandera Better" - my campaign slogan in 2008. Given the opportunity by the voters in this county, I will do my part in continuing that theme and effort for another four years.

I have a great investment in Bandera County and Bandera County has a significant investment in me. I ask that you not throw away that investment. There is much more that I want to do - and can do - for you and Bandera County. Thank you.